The exercises in this section are designed to supplement some of the things you may have learned in The News Manual chapters.

They have been invented, to concentrate into a shorter space the aspects being tested. Unfortunately, this means that they are separated from real life, so you have to make judgments in an artificial situation which you would not normally face in real life where such issues would be found in context. The exercises are also more clear-cut than you might experience in your normal work. Bear these factors in mind when you undertake the exercises.

We also suggest some answers to the exercises. Try to do the exercises first without looking at the answers, then read the answers through carefully so you understand our reasoning.

The answers we give are, in most cases, just suggestions. Journalism is not an exact science because people in society are unique and behave in different ways even when they think they are being consistent. Also, legal systems vary from country to country, so an answer applicable here may not apply in your country. Do not get downhearted if your answers differ from those we give. Your answers may be just as valid. Again, the important thing is to understand the reasoning and see how it is based on the things you've learned.

As with the material in the chapters themselves, the exercises are just starting points. From here you should go back to the work you do as a journalist and see how you can make decisions in real life.

Above all, enjoy doing the exercises. The only person watching and judging your ability is yourself. Be a good, fair and honest judge of your own work.

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Index of exercises
  1. Writing the intro exercise
  2. Writing the news story exercise
  3. A robbery at Nuriz Pharmacy
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