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When first published in 1992, The News Manual was seen as filling an important gap in the world of journalism texts. Not only was it written in clear and simple English but it also broke away from some of the mono-cultural Western assumptions of most texts published at the time. It spoke to journalists in both developed and developing countries in terms they could all understand. It was well received.

According to the highly-regarded journalism educator David Robie, it "became the key training publication in the region for a decade". Journalism academic Mark Pearson, writing in the Australian Journalism Review, said: "Two outstanding attributes of the work are its humor and its cultural sensitivity." The Catholic Media Council called it an "excellent helper which is meant to be used at the side of journalism trainees".

Other people also said kind things.

We have decided, therefore, to bring some of those early reviews to this new online edition of The News Manual for two reasons.

The first is to set it in some historical context so that readers can understand its birth and popularity. The second is to sow the seeds for feedback of this current online edition. We welcome your comments and reviews - however critical - and will attempt to share them through these Review pages.

You can send your reviews - however short - via the Contact Us page. We cannot guarantee to publish them all, but we will try to present a fair and accurate sample.

Finally, it is worth stating that the views expressed in the published reviews of the book edition of The News Manual quoted in the following pages were the authors' opinions at the time. They may or may not reflect their current opinions of this new version, The News Manual Online.

In October 2008, British journalist Judith Townend conducted an online interview with David Ingram for the website

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Reviews of The News Manual
  1. Pina Nius
  2. Australian Journalism Review
  3. Catholic Media Council
  4. Assoc. Professor David Robie
  5. Pacific Media Centre blogspot
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